Landscape X 7

Hoffer, "Pace", 2014, Mixed Media on Panel w/ Resin, 24 x 96 in.

Newzones is excited to present “Landscape X 7”, a group exhibit, running from January 10 – 31.
“Landscape X 7” features artworks from nine artists that explore the landscape genre with a contemporary eye and process. Utilizing various media including oil painting and photography, each artist tests the boundaries of landscape as we perceive it, presenting a distinctive outlook on the field in both technique and concept.

Bos, "La Porte: Barn Two Openings", 2012, ed. /15, Silver Gelatin Print, 40 x 40 in.

“Landscape X 7” offers a stimulating dialogue around the conventional understanding of landscape. Themes of identity, conservation and the tension between natural and constructed realities are addressed. Some document the natural magnificence of our surroundings, others manipulate or re-imagine it entirely. The feelings invoked range from calm and somber to vibrantly playful.

Pollack, "Bend Towards the Light", 2011, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 50 in.

Artists included: Dianne Bos (Calgary), Chaki (Toronto), John Folsom (Atlanta), Peter Hoffer (Berlin), Holly King (Montreal), Rebecca Perehudoff (Saskatchewan), Don Pollack (Chicago), Pat Service (Vancouver), and Kevin Sonmor (Quebec).

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